The Players’ Championship is the Dutch Open Series & Dutch Open Qualifiers invite-only year-end event (held in the weekend of the 8th of February 2020 at Fletcher Hotel Nieuwegein). The year’s Dutch Open winners, seasonal point leaders, the top Dutch Open Points earners & reigning Champion (Leon van der Linden) form a field of forty players to compete for a prize pool of EUR 5.000,00 in prizes with a total worth of 1.500,00 in prizes for the winner (DOS TIX, UltraPro Goodies & free entrance to all Dutch Open Series in 2019 with one bye!).

‘Reign supremacy over the field for ultimate glory’

The Dutch Open Series is all about having a great Magic experience. Whichever format you like to play, a DOS weekender will let you play the competitive format you feel most comfortable with.
However, to become a true champion, you must master multiple formats that are played in the Dutch Open Series. Your skill will be tested participating the Players’ Championship!

We opted for single day event but with a small twist. Since you will be playing 7 rounds and a draft on Saturday – the Top 8 of the Players’ Championship will be done on Sunday afternoon (also at the Fletcher Hotel). The schedule will be as followed:

Saturday 8th of February 2020
09:00 | Venue opens

10:45 | Player meeting

11:00 – 13:00 | Round 1-2: Constructed

13:00 – 13:30 | Lunch break

13:30 – 17:00 | Round 3-5: Draft with Theros: Beyond Death

17:00 – 19:00 | Round 6-7: Constructed

19:00 – 20:00 | Players’ Championship Top 8 announcement + Top 8 Photography

Sunday 9th of February 2020
09:00 | Venue opens

10:00 – 11:00 | Top 8 meeting, player profile & player photography

11:00 – 15:00 | Top 8: Constructed, 3 rounds, Single Elimination.
The winner will be crowned the Dutch Open Series Champion 2019!

Most heard feedback from last year ‘I had to arrange so many constructed decks! It was stressful’ – we listened! Each player will choose two formats, a primary and a secondary format (and you will only need two constructed decks this way). You can choose from the following three formats:


You lock in your Primary & Secondary format two days prior to the Players’ Championship (including your digital decklists). We will need to receive your preference for Primary & Secondary format and both decklists of the chosen format on Thursday, 6th of February, submitted not later then 23:00. Sending in your decklist and / or preference later then above date & time will result in a tardiness penalty and a game loss in round 1 of the Players’ Championship.

Properly submitting your decklist & format preferences
You will need to e-mail ( ) your decklists (in a .TXT file, each file named with PRIMARY or SECONDARY + name of the format + your full name, added to the e-mail as attachment – example ‘PRIMARY – MODERN – JOHN DOE.txt’ ) and additionally we need you to add the following information in the e-mail:

First name:
Last name:
Primary format: (here you fill in Modern, Pioneer or Legacy – Primary and Secondary cannot be the same)
Secondary format: (here you fill in Modern, Pioneer or Legacy – Primary and Secondary cannot be the same)

If we receive incomplete e-mails we will see this as a late admission and this will result in a game loss. Please make sure you add all the required information as described above. We will use your latest submission up to 23:00. Changes after that time are not possible.

How do we decide what to play?
For each constructed round in the swiss you will use the following method to determine which format you play that round:

1. If both players have the same Primary format, you will play that format.
2. If both formats overlap, but the chosen primary is different, you will roll a die. The die roll winner will play their primary format. (for example: player A has primary Modern, secondary Pioneer, and player B has primary Pioneer, secondary Modern). You will still have to roll a die to determine the starting player.
3. If you only have 1 format that is overlapping between both players, you will play that format.

Each player will receive a badge at the beginning of round 1 which clearly states the chosen Primary & Secondary formats.

In the Top 8 of the Players’ Championship the player that has the highest seed after the swiss will always play his Primary format when possible.

The 40 best players will compete for their share of
€ 5.000 in prizes!

Dutch Open Series Presents: Players’ Championship
FINISHDOS PointsDOX TixAdditional Prizes
Winner185000Play for free all year long + 1 bye + UltraPro/CardGameTokens Goodiebag
+ Invite to the Players’ Championship 2020
Finalist122000UltraPro/CardGameTokens Goodiebag + Invite to one DOS 2020 + 1 bye
3 to 481000UltraPro/CardGameTokens Goodiebag + Invite to one DOS 2020 + 1 bye
5 to 86600 UltraPro/CardGameTokens Goodiebag + Invite to one DOS 2020 + 1 bye
9 to 164300 UltraPro/CardGameTokens Goodiebag + Invite to one DOS 2020 + 1 bye
17 to 243150 UltraPro/CardGameTokens Goodiebag + Invite to one DOS 2020 + 1 bye
25 to 402 UltraPro/CardGameTokens Goodiebag + Invite to one DOS 2020 + 1 bye

Each year we crown the Player of the Year. This player bested everyone in points gathered throughout the year playing Dutch Open Series main events & qualifiers. This player will receive 1000 DOS Points at the Players’ Championship & will be able to play every DOS Weekender for free with 1 bye in 2020! At the start of the Players’ Championship we will have small ceremony for this player.

The Players’ Championship is being held at the Fletcher Hotel Nieuwegein on the 8th & 9th of February 2020:

Buizerdlaan 10
3435 SB Nieuwegein

The Players’ Championship is part of a DutchOpenSeries Weekender, so the room will be packed with players. The Players’ Championship will have a separate playing area including a small lounge to relax at.

After Season 4 has concluded (31/12/2019) the ranking will be published including a final list of placed players for the Players’ Championship on our website. If you are on the list and but you are 100% sure you can’t make it please contact us as soon as possible. We will try to fill out your slot with someone from the yearly ranking ladder. If you don’t attend the Players’ Championship you will not be eligible for any (guaranteed) prizes. If you will attend, just await our e-mail asking you for decklist submission and final details. You will have to take no action.

The current list of placed players for the Players’ Championship:

Alex Rouw
Andre Pannekoek
Anjo Brand
Bart van Etten
Benjamin Vliegenthart
Danny van Benthem
Edwin Steenhoek
Jacopo Bartollini
Jeffery Verwoerd
Joost Den Bieman
Lars Rodrigues de Miranda
Laurens van der Beek
Leon van der Linden (Champion 2018-2019)
Mark Hoogstraten
Myrddin Hermans
Nick Bresser
Nick Claes
Peter van der Ham
Remon Lavrijssen
Rene van Hoorn
Ricardo Kelly
Rob de Haan
Roald Smet
Roelof Verhoeven
Ron Timmermans
Roy Mijnheer
Pascal Werkman
Sander van Herwaarden
Sebastiaan Jansen
Silvan Kruijer
Stefan Kouseband
Terrence Serraarens
Thijs Van Der Meer
Toon Fokkema
Tom Ogink
Wessel Groot
Wouter Noordzij
Wout Van Aken
Xandor Tollenaar
Youri Van Der Zee

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