Since 2015 the Dutch Open Series has been entwined in the Dutch competitive magic scene. With the help of our partners & sponsors we have reached over 1100 unique players with at least 10 different nationalities.

The DutchOpenSeries is a WPN Premium Event series with a clear focus on the Dutch Magic The Gathering scene. Our first event was at the Spellenspektakel in Eindhoven. An average weekend will have 350 to 400 players attending.

This series was created as a substitute for the former PTQs and the lack of other major tournament organizers on Dutch soil. In Europe we regularly have MagicFests and other competing series such as, but this rarely takes place on Dutch soil.

In 2018 we made major steps in professionalizing our series. We were endorsed as the Premium Event series in The Netherlands by Wizards and have since added UltraPro as our main sponsor. We also heavily invested in broadcasting our events on with live commentary.

Connecting the Dutch Magic Scene since 2015.

The purpose of these tournaments is to connect the Dutch magic scene with each other, the series is not making profit and will never have that goal – our main focus is to improve the player experience and keep our local tournament organizers happy and involved.

We host four large-scale events per year, each weekender event will host Modern, Sealed, Legacy & Standard with a year-end event in the form of the Players’ Championship where the top 40 players compete for a large prize pool, this is an invite only tournament.

The DutchOpenSeries was founded by Rudy Meijer (GOAT Enterprise) and Charly Traarbach.