You have just won a DOQ (Dutch Open Qualifier)! You are now entitled on free entrance at one Dutch Open Weekender Constructed event within the next 12 months with one bye for that event.

You can check our website and choose a constructed tournament you want to attend.

After you have decided which event to join you will need to sent the following information to
us by e-mail to:

  1. When & where did you win a qualifier (mention store, format, date)
  2. Which tournament would you like to attend
  3. Your full name & DCI number

You will receive a confirmation e-mail a week prior to the selected event, at the event you will
need to check if you are properly enlisted and have a bye allotted.

Additional information & rules
If you have any additional questions or are not sure if you can attend any events within the
allotted time of 12 months just contact us. It it not allowed to stack byes onto one event.
The maximum amount of byes is one.

Sealed & MCQ’s are excluded unless you pay a surcharge of € 10.00 at the event or via a payment link we will provide (with MCQ’s it is not possible to receive a bye, when using your invite for an MCQ you will forfeit the right on a bye).
Please mention this in the e-mail you send us so we can make proper arrangements.

You will need to pre-register via e-mail to use your invite. We will not enroll you automatically. DutchOpenSerie invites are not interchangeable or resell-able and thus uphold no monetary value.

Dutch Open Series reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend, modify and change this document and/or the programs
it supports at any time without notice, including, but not limited to, modifying all eligibility and invitation criteria.
All rights reserved – Version 1, Dutch Open Series 2019