Saturday, 4 JanuaryPioneerMagic UnitedResults
Saturday, 11 January Pioneer4 Your GamesResults
Sunday, 12 JanuaryPioneerBazaar of MagicResults
Saturday, 25 JanuaryPioneerGameforceResults
Saturday, 25 January ModernMagic United Results
Saturday, 25 January SealedMagicers Results
Saturday, 25 January ModernMagic Leeuwarden Results
Sunday, 26 JanuaryPioneer‘t Lab Results
Sunday, 26 January Pioneer (CANCELLED)Mox Spellen
Saturday, 15 FebruaryLegacyMagic United Results
Sunday, 16 FebruaryModern
4 Your Games
Sunday, 16 February ModernMox Spellen Results
Saturday, 22 FebruaryPioneer2 Klaveren Results
Sunday, 23 FebruaryLegacyBazaar of Magic Results
Saturday, 29 FebruaryPioneerGameforce Results
Saturday, 29 FebruaryPioneerMagicers Results
Sunday, 1 March Pioneer4 Your Games Results
Sunday, 1 MarchPioneer‘t Lab Results
Sunday, 1 MarchPauperMagic Leeuwarden Results
Saturday, 7 MarchPioneerMagic United Results
Saturday, 7 MarchModern2 Klaveren Results
Saturday, 14 MarchPioneer
Magicers Results
Sunday, 15 MarchPioneer
4 Your Games Results
Saturday, 21 MarchModern
Magic United Results
Saturday, 21 MarchPauper
2 Klaveren Results
Saturday, 21 MarchPioneer
Magic Leeuwarden Results
Sunday, 22 MarchModern
Bazaar of Magic Results
Saturday, 28 MarchModern
4 Your Games Results
Saturday, 28 MarchModern
Gameforce Results
Sunday, 29 MarchPioneer
Mox Spellen Results

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