Forty players. 5.000,00* in prizes!

The Players' Championship is the Dutch Open Series & Dutch Open Qualifiers invite-only year-end event. The year's Dutch Open winners, seasonal point leaders, the top Dutch Open Points earners & reigning Champion (Terrence Serraarens) form a field of forty players to compete for an expected prize pool of 5.000,00 in prizes with a total worth of 2.000,00 in prizes for the winner (credit & free entrance to all Dutch Open Series in 2019 with one bye!)


Starting from 1st of January 2018 up to 31th of December 2018 you will receive Dutch Open Points (DOP) on Dutch Open Qualifiers (hosted by atleast 't LabMagic-United & 4YourGames throughout 2018) and Dutch Open Series events. If you manage to win one of the sixteen Dutch Open Series main event(s) you will automatically place for the Players' Championship (PC): so each Dutch Open Series event is a Players' Championship Qualifier!

At the end of each season the top three of the season ladder automatically qualify for the Players' Championship (Please note: All Dutch Open Players' Championship invitations pass down to the next unqualified player). We have a total of four season's in 2018:

At the end of Season 4 (31 December) the top ten players on the leader board that are not yet qualified for the Players' Championship are invited to join us! We will than also announce the DOS Player of the Year: this is the player that earned the most Dutch Open Points in 2018. The Player of the Year will win a booster box Eternal Masters & free entrance to all the Dutch Open Series in 2019 including 1 bye per tournament! The Players' Championship will be held in February of 2019.

The Player's Championship will consist out of the following player's:

16 Dutch Open Series event winners (4 player's per Dutch Open Series weekender, one for each format)
12 Seasonal point leaders (3 player's per season)
10 Yearly point leaders
1 Player of the Year
1 Reigning Champion Players' Championship (Terrence Serraarens)


The point system that is in place for the Player's Championship is rather simple. For each DOQ you visit you will receive at least 1 Dutch Open Point. If you make it to the Top 8 of a DOQ you will receive bonus points for your achievement. This also applies for all the Dutch Open Series main event(s). Since the Dutch Open Series events are larger in scale and an overall harder field of player's you are rewarded more points for those events:

In above schedule the position you finish is rewarded the total amount of points displayed. So if you win a Dutch Open Series event you will receive a total of 24 Dutch Open Points. We will work with seasonal & yearly ladders that will be available on our website and on KVdeckmasters.


Dutch Open Qualifiers (DOQ) are tournaments hosted by your local game stores on a monthly basis - we work with several exclusive locations in The Netherlands that uphold our standard and have shown to care & invest in the community and feel this is the next step in a more mature Magic: The Gathering environment in The Netherlands.

We proudly present the participating stores (new stores will be added throughout 2018):

Each DOQ will earn you Dutch Open Points & will hand out a ticket for an (constructed) Dutch Open Series event in 2018 + 1 bye for that tournament.


Dutch Open Series are the main events that will return every season, a Dutch Open Weekender consists out of 4 main events supporting Modern, Legacy, Standard & Sealed. All the Dutch Open Serie events are open for all player's and are hosted by GOAT Enterprise & 4YourGames and supported by UltraPro. All participators will receive an official UltraPro playmat just for attending (limited quantity = 400 per weekender)!

Playmat for the Fall edition 2018 Thanks to Rogier van de Beek!

If you manage to win a Dutch Open Series main event you will be locked for the Players' Championship, you will also receive great prizes in the form of DOS tix, Ultra Pro Goodies & Dutch Open Points.


The Players' Championship is the Dutch Open Series & Dutch Open Qualifiers invite-only year-end event (held in the weekend of 2 and 3 February 2019 at Fletcher Hotel Nieuwegein). The year's Dutch Open winners, seasonal point leaders, the top Dutch Open Points earners & reigning Champion (Terrence Serraarens) form a field of forty players to compete for an prize pool of EUR 5.000,00 in prizes with a total worth of 1.500,00 in prizes for the winner (DOS TIX, UltraPro Goodies & free entrance to all Dutch Open Series in 2019 with one bye!).

'Reign supremacy over the field for ultimate glory'

The Dutch Open Series is all about having a great Magic experience. Whichever format you like to play, a DOS weekender will let you play the competitive format you feel most comfortable with.
However, to become a true champion, you must master all the formats that are played in the Dutch Open Series. Your skill will be tested participating the Players' Championship!

Creating an equilibrium
The 40 players that will comprise the field in the weekend of 2 and 3 February (yes, two days you read that correctly ;D ) will have qualified in a number of different ways and in different formats. We have listened to the feedback of last year and we felt that it would be fair to give everybody the chance to show his or her skill in limited as well! You will need to prepare your limited skills in the amazing Ravnica Allegiance draft environment & up your game in Modern, Standard and Legacy to come out on top!

An engaging tournament to watch and compete in
Coverage is starting to become more and more part of the Dutch Open Series, and we have been getting a lot of feedback on this matter. Mostly positive, some negative but overall constructive. We take this very seriously, as we are all magic players ourselves and love to see people enjoy the product that we all pour our heart and soul into, in order to create the most fun experience we can possibly fathom.

We want the tournament to showcase the best of the best that the players have to offer, so that even the players who did not make it to the grand finale, would enjoy watching how it all unfolds. To make sure that the tournament stays interesting for as many players as long as possible, we want players to be able to claw their way back into the tournament. Even if they have had a less than ideal start. This is why the Swiss portion of the tournament will consist of a whopping twelve rounds, before it will cut to top 8.

Regarding all of the above mentioned points, we decided upon this tournament structure:
Twelve rounds of Swiss in the three constructed formats and a Ravnica Allegiance draft (divided over two days), after which there will be a cut to top 8, where we have something special planned! Based on the standings after the swiss the Top 8 contenders will choose between constructed formats where the highest seed will determine which format is played in his/her match. Are you an excellent pilot in Standard or do you shine in Modern? Make it to the Top 8 as first seed and you will decide your faith! This rewards players excelling in the swiss portion of the tournament. Decklists will be made public for the contenders after the format is chosen per match.

Schedule Players' Championship:
We will need your decklist digital & in advance (not later than Thursday 31st of January)! Details will follow the week before the Players' Championship on how to properly submit your three decklists.

Saturday 2nd of February 2019
10:00 | Venue opens

10:30 | Player meeting

10:30 - 14:00 | Round 1-3: Ravnica Allegiance Draft

14:00 - 17:00 | Round 4-6: Modern

Sunday 3rd of February 2019
10:00 | Venue opens

11:00 - 14:00 | Round 7-9: Standard

14:00 - 17:00 | Round 10-12: Legacy

18:00 - 21:00 | TOP 8: Constructed roulette, 3 rounds, Single Elimination. The winner will be crowned the Dutch Open Series Champion of 2018!

22:00 | Ending ceremony

The entire day will be covered by our coverage team!

We love to see everybody go home with at least some goodies, so each invited player will receive an invite to a Dutch Open Series Weekender in 2019 with 1 bye, DOS points and based on the standings a large chunk of DOS tix to give out at our prize wall! You notice contenders receive DOS points for participating in the Players' Championship - this is due to the fact that a DOS weekender is held at the same venue on the same date so we thought this would be fair to give out DOS points for all PC players.

Prize support & more information on how to qualify here:


We will try to keep up with the agenda of all our DOQ & DOS events, you can also check the KV agenda or the Dutch Tournament Magic on Facebook:


Good sportsmanship and conduct is required at all times from both players and spectators. Acts of poor sportsmanship, inappropriate conduct, and offensive language may result in disciplinary action up to and including banning from Dutch Open Series events and removal from the venue. Players wearing clothing which features inappropriate or offensive language or imagery, as determined by Dutch Open Series in its sole discretion, may be asked to find other attire or face the same penalties. Dutch Open Series further reserves the right to refuse service or access to the Dutch Open Series event, or to remove anyone from the Dutch Open Series event, at any time for any reason or no reason, to the extent permitted by law. Aggressive behavior will, at no time, be tolerated at Dutch Open Series events. Anyone exhibiting such behavior will be removed from the event immediately.

We also apply the DCI tournament rules, which can be found here: Rules & Documents.


Last year was a rollercoaster for us. We hosted our very first Players' Championship and acquired a major sponsor in the form of UltraPro - we also made big steps in professionalizing our stream with the help of our very hardworking & loyal volunteers! Without this and the support of you, the player, we couldn't make this happen!

I would like to specially thank the following people for their support & trust in us:

Gerrit from UltraPro
Mark from 't Lab Monky
MartijnNickMartijn 'Tinus' & Sander from Magic-United
Kevin & Maico from 4YourGames
Michael, Joost, Laurens, Jan, Bas, Elke, Koen, Brent from our Coverage / production team!
Dustin de Leeuw as Judge Manager
Rudy Meijer from GOAT Enterprise for his full support & believe in this plan and his continues effort with the Dutch Open Series events!

You guys really do rock!

*Expected prize pay-out, prizes are based on yearly attendance of DOQ & DOS event(s), sponsorship's & external revenue generated by the Dutch Open franchise.
Minimum prize pay-out Player's Championship will be EUR 2.500,00 with a guaranteed prize payout for the winner of EUR 1.000,00 including free entrance for all 2019 Dutch Open Series event(s) with 1 bye. All corresponded prizes are in store credit / card credit at GOAT Enterprise. Credit can be used on a later date as well.

Dutch Open Series reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend, modify and change this document and/or the programs it supports at any time without notice, including, but not limited to, modifying all eligibility and invitation criteria.
All rights reserved - Dutch Open Series / GOAT Enterprise 2018