What is the Dutch Open Series?

A large Magic: The Gathering tournament series focussed on the Dutch Magic Scene  supported by all the big stores in The Netherlands


At the tournament you don’t need to register, we will pre-register you. Prior to the start of the tournament we will post lists of all the people registered, please check if you are properly named on those lists. Also make sure you have a copy of the order confirmation e-mail with you (digital or printout). In the case you are not on the list that you can show us the order confirmation.

Becoming a vendor

If you would like to become a vendor at the Dutch Open Series please contact us at hello [at] dutchopenseries [dot] nl.

Hosting a Trial

If you would like to host a Modern, Standard or Legacy trial for the Dutch Open Series please contact us at hello [at] dutchopenseries [dot] nl. We only work with partnerships.

Rules enforcement level

Rules enforcement level for each event is competitive, this means that players are expected to know their deck and know how the cards of their opponents work. For the constructed event(s) you will need a decklist. If you have any problem please raise your hand and call ‘Judge’ and one of our judges will gladly help you.

Judge application

If you would like to judge on a Dutch Open Series please apply so on the Judgeapp.


All communicated prizes are in the form of DOS tix, you can use these tix to pick out (multiple) items from the Prize Wall at the Dutch Open Series, tix are only useable on this edition of the Dutch Open Series!

Tickets at the venue

If the event is not sold out we will sell tickets on the venue, you will need to register at the Judge station, we accept cash & cards.

Side events

We will host side events in the form of Modern, Legacy, Standard & Draft 8-player events. On demand.

Buy / Sell Magic cards

It’s prohibited to sell M:TG related items on the floor if you are not a registered vendor, we will remove you from the event! It’s only allowed to buy / sell from our registered/selected vendors.

What do I need to bring?

For the constructed events (Modern, Standard & Legacy) you will need to bring a deck with at least 60 cards mainboard and 0-15 cards sideboard, the cards must be legal in the format that you play. Also you will need pen+paper to write down life totals for all events. Please do not forget your decklist for the constructed event(s)!

Food & Drinks

Fletcher Hotel has has a nice selection of food & drinks at the location, they also have a large restuarant on the same floor as the event. It is prohibited to bring your own food & drinks to the event. A small bottle of water is ok to bring.


Paid parking is available for only EUR 5,00 per day

Personal belongings

This goes without saying but please be careful with your belongings. At a large event like this there will always be individuals trying to steal your property. Be careful where you place your bag and don’t let anything go unattended (for instance, don’t place your bag behind your seat but below your seat or between your feet). The Dutch Open Series organisation nor the Fletcher Hotel are to be held responsible for any missing and / or damaged objects.

Public Transport

Easiest to get to the venue is from Utrecht Central Station, from there you take bus line 74 to Vianen, you get out at bus stop ‘Poort van Nieuwegein’ from there it’s a 2 minutes walk to the hotel.

Won a Dutch Open Qualifier

If you won a Qualifier you are entitled to a bye & free entrance, if you already bought a ticket we will reimburse you with 125 DOS tix on the event. We will add you to the pre-registered players, you will need to check on the day itself if you are on the list. If not please report to the judge station, also please make sure that you attend the player meeting to hand out your decklist.

PWP Multiplier event(s)

Dutch Open Series is proud to announce that Standard, Modern & Sealed Open events are WPN Premium events. Meaning that it carries a x4 Planeswalker Point multiplier for those Open Serie events! Legacy will be a regular event with multiplier 1x.