The Spellenspektakel is hosted in hall 8 of the Jaarbeurs, easiest way to access the venue is by entering through the main entrance of the Jaarbeurs (located on the Central Station side).

Most convenient parking spot is P3 of the Jaarbeurs. Due be aware that a day ticket will cost you € 20.00. Other, cheaper, option is P+R Transferium.

Public Transport
Jaarbeurs is situated next to Utrecht Central Station, from there it’s a 3 minutes walk.

Entrance Spellenspektakel
You should have received a Spellenspektakel e-ticket after you purchased a ticket on our website. These e-tickets are shipped out in batches so it could take 24hr before you receive an e-ticket from them. You will need this ticket to enter the venue.

The venue opens at 09:00.

Start of each tournament
On Saturday we start at:

10:00 Modern
10:30 Sealed

On Sunday we start at:

10:00 Legacy
10:30 Pioneer

Be in time for the player meeting, being late will result in a tardiness penalty. Even if you have a bye (due to a DOQ) you will still need to attend the player meeting.

What do I need to bring?
For the constructed events (Modern, Pioneer & Legacy) you will need to bring a deck with at least 60 cards mainboard and 0-15 cards sideboard, the cards must be legal in the format that you play. Also you will need pen+paper to write down life totals for all events. Please do not forget your decklist for the constructed event(s)!

Rules Enforcement Level
Rules enforcement level for each event is competitive, this means that players are expected to know their deck and know how the cards of their opponents work. For the constructed event(s) you will need a decklist. If you have any problem please raise your hand and call ‘Judge’ and one of our judges will gladly help you.

Buy / Sell Magic Cards

It’s prohibited to sell M:TG related items on the floor if you are not a registered vendor, we will remove you from the event! It’s only allowed to buy / sell from our registered/selected vendors. GOAT-Enterprise & MagicEmporium (4YourGames) are both vending on-site.

If you are missing any information or need help please contact us on hello@dutchopenseries.nl