Standard -> Pioneer
Due to the current state of Standard, the heavily decreasing popularity of the format and elaborately considering all the feedback you have provided through our social media channels, we have decided to change the format of our Standard main event to Pioneer. We did not change this lightheartedly since we understand the ramifications for some of our players. We have monitored our ticket sale for the Standard portion and those have been very poor (as of writing this we have 9 players who bought a ticket). To prevent a poor tournament experience we decided to change the format to Pioneer in the hope of generating a true Dutch Open Series experience. We don’t feel like adding Pioneer as a 5th main event is going to solve above issues, since this would also mean we have to change our invitational policy to open up an additional slot (which are normally used for the yearly ranking) for the Players’ Championship beginning of next year – we felt this would only complicate things.

We fully understand that this is on a very short notice. We are looking at options to host a side event for the Standard format on Sunday so people who really only want to play Standard have that option still on the table. More information on that will be shared as soon as possible.

Players that bought a Standard ticket on our website will receive an e-mail as well today with this news.

I bought a Standard ticket, what now?
You have a couple of options, you can get a full refund or either change your ticket to a Legacy or Pioneer ticket. In any case, please contact us through to get things sorted.

I used a DOQ invite
If you used a DOQ invite for Standard, please e-mail us on how you would like to proceed. You can obviously save the invite for later (even if it expires due to this).

I bought a Legacy ticket but want to play Pioneer
If you have bought a Legacy ticket and want to participate in the Pioneer tournament you can also contact us and swap your ticket. This is no problem for us!

For anything else, you can contact us through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

We hope for your understanding and want to emphasize that this doesn’t mean our Standard support is cancelled for 2020 – but the combination of the expected attendance and the state of the format forced our hand in this matter. Wizards stated they won’t change anything to the format until after our DOS weekender in November so we don’t expect things to become better the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for reading & hope to see you next week!

Charly Traarbach
TO DutchOpenSeries