The swiss rounds are done and we have a clean cut to Top8! All 6 who drew their last round are in, and we’ve added Orin van Loon and Bas Timmermans to the mix!

The quarterfinals will be played out as following:

1️⃣ Benjamin Vliegenthart (Esper Control) vs. 8️⃣ Bas Timmermans (Esper Control)
2️⃣ Nick Bresser (Lazav Combo) vs. 7️⃣ Edwin Steenhoek (Bant Scapeshift)
3️⃣ Niels Wardenier (Grixis Reanimator) vs. 6️⃣ Orin van Loon (Boros Feather)
4️⃣ Stefan Beerens (Esper Control) vs. 5️⃣ Thijs van der Meer (Jeskai Superfriends)