After 7 intense rounds of swiss, we have another clean cut to Top8! Congratulation to these 8 beautiful people and thanks to everyone for playing!

The Legacy Top8 will play out as following:

1️⃣ Sam Dams (Infect) vs. 8️⃣ Jamie Westlake (ANT)
2️⃣ Tim van der Lans (Temur Delver) vs. 7️⃣ Alex Rouw (4c Lands)
3️⃣ Toon Fokkema (Mono Red Prison vs. 6️⃣ Kenneth Pletinckx (UB Death’s Shadow)
4️⃣ Ricardo Kelly (Sneak & Show) vs. 5️⃣ Terrence Serraarens (Temur Delver)