Dutch Standard Open Finals

Benjamin Vliegenthart (Esper Control) wins over Thijs van der Meer (Jeskai Superfriends)Nick Bresser (Lazav Combo) wins over Orin van Loon (Boros Feather) That means that Magic United teammember Nick is going to try and combo out Benjamin while he’s going to seek control of the trophy! Good luck!!

Dutch Standard Open Top4

Thijs van der Meer (Jeskai Superfriends) wins his match over Stefan Beerens (Esper Control)Benjamin Vliegenthart (Esper Control) wins his match over Bas Timmermans (Esper Control)Nick Bresser (Lazav Combo) wins his match over Edwin Steenhoek (Bant Scapeshift)Orin van Loon (Boros Feather) wins his match over Niels Wardenier (Grixis Reanimator) That means that our Top4 is: Thijs van der Meer Read more…

Standard Metagame

We’ve also looked at all the Standard decklists of our Dutch Standard Open! With a smaller tournament, we can still distill some interesting facts:✔️ Esper Control and Mono Red are still top dogs✔️ The online newcomers aren’t popular in paper✔️ There IS justice for Rampaging Ferocodon✔️ Standard players have much nicer handwriting than Legacy