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After our initial success in May we teamed up again with Bazaar of Magic to host the only Modern Mythic Championship Qualifier in the Netherlands! This MCQ will take place at the Dutch Open Series as part of our Dutch Modern Open main event on Saturday 7th of September at Fletcher Hotel Nieuwegein. This Mythic Championship Qualifier grants a slot for Mythic Championship VI 2019 in Richmond.

This event is open to all players and there is no minimum number of Planeswalker Points needed to participate.

The Mythic Championship is sanctioned by Bazaar of Magic and hosted by Dutch Open Series. We would like to thank Bazaar of Magic for this partnership and look forward to an amazing event.

For you as visitor this has a ton of benefits. As always the Dutch Open Series upholds the highest standard in event organization but since this is such a special event we are adding additional goodies to the tournament. A complete list of what is included:

Arcbound Ravager MCQ Promo
  • One invite for the winner to Mythic Championship Richmond
  • One invite for the winner to DOS Players’ Championship
  • Arcbound Ravager Mythic Championship Qualifier promo
  • Custom made UltraPro playmat & additional merchandise for Top 8
  • Complimentary pen & notepad from our partner Bazaar of Magic
  • DOS tix for Top 16/24 (based on attendance)
  • Dutch Open Points for each player
Playmat art by Card-Game Tokens (7 & 8 September 2019)

The following players may not compete in MCQ for Mythic Championship VI 2019 in Richmond, USA:

  • Players that are already qualified for Mythic Championship VI 2019 in Richmond
  • Note: Players with only a Pro Tour Players Club Silver invitation to Mythic Championship VI 2019 in Richmond will not officially receive those invitation until November 8, 2019.

If you have any questions as to your eligibility to play in a particular MCQ, please email your inquiry to

This event has a planeswalker multiplier of x5 and is capped on 226 seats. It isn’t possible to use a DOQ / DOS / PC invite for this event.